What People Say

See what our parents and students have to say about our classes.

 "Thank you for the wonderful introduction to music that helped promote my daughters' love and appreciation for music today. While I did not realize how powerful the seeds that Music Together of Charm City planted in my children were at the time, now several years later they are both thriving as young violinists. Because your classes were fun and age-appropriate, they both approach lessons and practice with an understanding that music is a joyful and positive experience. While learning an instrument is hard work that requires an enormous amount of patience, repetition, and discipline - I think they both have developed habits and attitudes that help them when practices get tough. I'm grateful to the priceless gift your classes brought our family. Many thanks!" -- C.S.

"Thank you for everything you do to bring so much joy to our [daughter].  The first thing she asks for EVERY morning is to listen to her music.  She runs up to the CD player and points and gesticulates and calls out until we press play. Then she just starts to dance and dance and dance.  As a mother yourself, you know how much watching your child just be happy is the absolute greatest thing imaginable."  ---Gabriela K.

"[Music Together®] gave me a chance to do something fun with my infant and to meet other moms too."   ---Carol G.

"Music Together is a great opportunity to show our child why we love to make music. The class is structured, yet not too formal. We love the mixed ages environment because she can watch older children and try to follow what they do. the CD's and songbooks make it easy to use at home. We were looking for a program for a baby and this was something she could do before she was even able to walk. Now that she's a little older, it is still perfect!"   ---Meghan D.

"...An educational, stimulating, and bonding activity for my child and our family."   ---Dave T.

"I really feel a strong sense of community in our classroom. I enjoy the feeling of safety that my daughter has in music because she is comfortable and knows that not only am I looking out for her, but all the other parents are serving as role-models and care-givers to her as well."  
---Sarah N.

"...Music Together has enriched our lives with song and dance, teaching us songs...that become part of who we are as a family."   ---Shannon O.

"Music Together has made me infinitely more comfortable singing around my house, or anywhere for that matter...Music Together has made it more natural for me to sing around my house with [my daughters], either with the 'right' words or words made up to fit a new situation -- or words made up to make the girls laugh!"   ---Jennifer S.

"My son loves attending his class. He starts dancing at the first sound of the guitar and doesn't stop for the entire class. We love the cds on car rides and at home on rainy days It is a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere that we hope to continue enjoying as he grows."   ---Dan A.

"My infant was only 12 weeks old when we started, and our instructor, Miriam, always found ways to include the littlest of participants."   ---Mary C.

"Miriam is very high energy and she is wonderful with the children. My son loves to go, and when I tell him we are going he grabs his coat and runs for the door!"   ---Jen P.

"[My daughter] sings ALL THE TIME, calling on her 5 cd repertoire and improvising freely."   ---Rachel H.

"The songs are great for parents, too!"   ---Steve B.

[My son] asks for music class every morning!"   ---Susan T.

"We've had so much fun at music class...sometimes it has seemed almost magical!"   ---Nicole F.

"I'm amazed at how much he absorbs from class!  As soon as we get home he plays 'music class' and re-creates most of the class activities."   ---Mary J.


"We asked the boys if they wanted to sign up again; they immediately said yes. Later, when talking to their grandmother, they reported that we'd promised to sign them up for music class "forever." :)"   ---Christine D.

"Thanks for being such a positive force in this world and a bright spot in our week!"  ---Pam N.
"I'm amazed at how much he absorbs from class! As soon as we get home he plays 'music class' and re-creates most of the class activities."   ---Rachel B.