Guidelines & Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Music Together of Charm City!  The following information should be helpful in answering frequently asked questions and providing guidelines to help you and your child make the most of your class experience.


  • Music Together® is a program which aims to build a musical relationship between caregiver and child. To this end, we request that the caregiver(s) participate fully in the activities and keep in-depth chatting to a minimum. Please maintain focus and avoid talking between class activities. This is a time to listen for musical responses from your child. Talking will only distract your child from the musical experience we are so carefully creating.
  • A positive joyful attitude is far more important than formal music training. Dispositions, or attitudes, can only be learned from parents or significant caregivers. Attitudes are important because they motivate children to learn. When caregivers genuinely enjoy an activity, the children, who want to be like adults, will too.
  • Be enthusiastic, but do not force your child to play or sing if he doesn’t want to at that moment. Remember, a child who observes is participating mentally, and she will probably sing many of the songs during the ride home from music class!
  • Please resist the urge to constantly give your child verbal instruction. Children have the amazing ability to teach themselves through play, and even the most well-meaning adult can disrupt that process by giving too much direction. Allow your child to experience the class in his or her own way, whether by constant movement, sitting and staring, tasting instruments rather than playing them, etc. We know from working with hundreds of children over the years that each child is busy processing the musical information, even if that’s not apparent during class activities. Trust this process, relax and let your child be, and you will begin to see new musical behaviors emerging as the session progresses.
  • Maintain a nonjudgmental positive attitude toward your child as well as others in the class. Each child will react differently, so avoid comparing your child with others.
  • If your child cries excessively during class, we encourage you to take a break just outside the classroom door (where you can still observe the class), but do come back in after your child calms down!


  • Please feel free to nurse and bottle-feed in class. Otherwise, please do any eating or drinking outside the classroom. Non-spill sippy cups can be used in the classroom, but please use them away from the activities, to avoid tempting other children to take sips from your child's cup.
  • Please do not bring toys into the activity area. We prefer to keep our 45 minutes together as musical as possible.


  • No running in the classroom during the class. Feel free to leave the circle as much as you have to in order to redirect your running child. If that becomes frustrating, have your child run in an area that is away from the circle.
  • Please do not allow your child to throw instruments.
  • We strive to create the safest environment possible that will allow for some freedom of expression. Parents must be responsible for the safety of their child as well as monitor their child so that he/she does not harm others.


  • Missed classes will not be refunded.
  • Music Together is an educationally based program and consistency is especially important, so please make every effort to attend the class for which you are registered. You can schedule 2 makeups online, only for the current semester. If you need more than 2 makeups, please email Miriam.
  • Makeup classes must be scheduled via the online makeup scheduler. Go to and choose "Makeup Scheduler" from the pulldown menu under the "Registered Families" button. Fill in the required fields and choose your makeup. You, your teacher, and Miriam will receive an email confirmation.
  • If you cannot attend your scheduled makeup class, please cancel it online. If you are absent for your makeup class & did not cancel, you may not reschedule that makeup class.
  • Try to sign up for make-up classes early in the session, as slots for make-ups often fill toward the end of the semester. You may make up a class before a planned absence.
  • We do not schedule extra makeup classes unless your regular class is canceled due to teacher illness or inclement weather.


  • Unless you are waiting for an emergency phone call, please turn off cell phones AND PUT THEM AWAY during class. Ringing cell phones distract everyone, and their tones interfere with the music. Texting prevents you from participating in the activities & focussing on your child.
  • Photography is allowed before & after class, and during the instrument play along only. Please blur out the faces of other children. Many families do not want their children photographed.
  • Please just snap a couple of photos (no videos, please) & put the phone away. Please do not keep your phone beside you during the class.


  • Please arrive on time! If most of the class is late, we might have to cut some activities or concepts, because a lot is packed into each class. Also, being rushed is hard on children, and they may have difficulty participating in a class which has begun without them. Please establish the habit of arriving 5 minutes early to be ready for the start of class.


  • Additional adults are welcome.
  • To keep class size within bounds, please let me know in advance if you plan to bring an unenrolled child. I will let you know if there is space.
  • Guests with children are encouraged to donate $15/child per class. This money is used to provide financial assistance to families who could not otherwise participate.
  • Non-enrolled older siblings may visit twice (once during summer) free of charge due to school professional days, etc., but I need to know in advance.


  • Please do not bring a child (or yourself) to class who has a fever, runny nose, intestinal virus, etc...Other families will appreciate it. I will help you schedule extra makeups beyond the 2 allowed online if you need them due to illness.


  • Inclement weather cancellations are announced via a voice mail message (call 410-825-3881), email (SMS messages if you opted in), and at by 8:00 a.m. You will not receive a phone call. If no cancellations are mentioned, assume that your class is not canceled.   
  • If we are open, please feel free to bring older siblings, free of charge, in the event that their schools have canceled classes due to weather.
  • All canceled classes will be made up on the week, or weeks, following the last class.

Up to 2 weeks prior to first class: Full refund minus $10
Within 2 weeks of the first class (before 1st class day): Full refund minus $20
First week of classes: Full refund minus $57
No refunds after the first week of classes.  

Still have questions? Call Miriam at 410-825-3881 or send an email by clicking "Contact Us." I welcome questions and suggestions.

Enjoy your classes!